Pre-Sale FAQ

When do Pre-Sales occur?

Crockett Fantasy of Lights will announce “Pre-Sales” on our Facebook page and other various forms of Social Media; also we will post in the other lighting related groups on Facebook.

What is a pre-sale?

During a pre-sale, we offer better pricing in exchange for the customer pre-ordering and pre-paying for their items. Once the scheduled pre-sale event time has expired the order for all items will be placed with our suppliers

What is the Timeframe?

Crockett Fantasy of Lights will place the order for all the items once the Pre-Sale closes (Unless we run a few production runs during the pre-sale month, we will update if this takes place)

Once the order is placed our suppliers begin manufacturing the items. The timeframe on manufacturing depends on the item usually a few weeks to a month for production.

After the manufacturing process is completed the items are shipped to us via sea cargo. We typically receive the shipment about 45 days after manufacturing has completed.

When will you ship to us (Customer)?

Once Crockett Fantasy of Lights has the product in hand to complete your order you will receive a shipping invoice to be paid before the items can be shipped. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and USPS; so we will figure out the cheapest rate possible for our customers. We know you want to have the product as soon as possible, so we will arrange pickup as quickly as we can to get the order out to you!


Customers are responsible for providing the correct shipping address. If for some reason you are in the transition of moving you need to communicate the new address to us as soon as possible, by contacting us at

If for some reason you provided incorrect shipping information in our system, and the product is not returned to us you will be charged for replacement products at the same rate you paid for the first order and shipping charges at the time of you notifying us of the mistake.


Bulk Qty. Discounts?

Crockett Fantasy of Lights will offer bulk pricing discounts on certain items. These items will be on the product page and will show the reflected pricing in the “sale” price. Bulk Qty. Discounts are on individual sales only! Multiple sales during the month can’t be combined to qualify for bulk qty. discounts.

Return Policy?

All pre-sales are final except in cases of defective product. If you have received a defective product please contact us via e-mail at:


Cancellation Policy:

All cancelled orders will be assessed a processing fee. This fee will be $0.75 plus 5.0% of the total order. Orders cannot be cancelled or modified after the pre-sale closes.