1. John Law

    What are the size of the p10 panels? What is the waterproof rating on them? What else do you need to buy to make it work like your videos?

    • admin

      You will need to build a enclosure to protect the front and back of the panels. They are not waterproof. I have seen people build them out of wood with sealant in the seams and a clear acrylic front.

      You also need to buy a BBB beagle bone black.

      A single BBB and octoscroller will drive up to 64 channels. 5v power supply
      And the ribbon cables to go from the octo to the panels.

      You will need the Boscoyo connectors. I have them in the pre-sale or you can source them from Boscoyo directly.

      I just have them here as a one stop shop type of offer.

      Thanks for your interest!!

  2. Mark Harnishfeger

    If the container ships to you in Aug when do you think the products will get to customers. Just planning for Halloween and if they would make it in time.

    • admin

      I start to invoice and ship as soon as the product comes in. FedEx is usually 2-3 business days to anywhere in the states (the longest shipping time was 6 days to Alaska.

      So you should not be that far off from the mid August time frame.

      Thanks, Darrell

    • Mark Harnishfeger

      OK, I was thinking the container ships from China mid Aug and I know it can take for 4 – 6 weeks sometimes for containers to get here. I didn’t understand the container would get to you in mid Aug.


  3. Darren

    When do the items ship from the March presale? I see no mention of it on the site anymore?

    • admin

      The Estimated delivery for the March Pre-Sale was middle to end of June. These items are currently on the boat headed to me, but I’m currently early shipping orders that I can fill with stock items that I have here, and your order is in that stack so sometime within the week you will be receiving a shipping invoice.

      Thanks for the support.
      Darrell Pellegrin

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