Introducing CFOL Online Mini Groups

CFOL is excited to offer a new experience this year!  We will be offering small group support to help everyone have a successful 2018 show.  This product has been developed by us due to the following reasons.

  • We have found while offering support for our customers topics quickly move into show help/support and not just product support. 
  • Customers have directly asked us for the help and have also recommended us to others as someone who can help them with their show.
  • Facebook searches can sometimes pull up very confusing and conflicting information.
  • Questions on the Official xLights page get overlooked because the page moves so fast or the answers they get do not come from a true place of helpfulness.
  • The Zoom meeting can move to fast, get off topic, and sometimes can get to technically intimidating to ask a simple question.
  • Some people don’t like to ask their questions in public, and the xLights page and the Zoom meeting are pretty big public forums that can be scary to ask for help in.
  • It is easier to ask questions to a group of people you know then a public forum.

We are hoping by offering a Mini Group Class we can help people in a manner they feel more beneficial to their show.  Mini groups will be formed as needed and will be made up of no more then 20 people.  We hope the smaller group environment will allow you to feel more comfortable asking for help and allow you to make some friends along the way. 

Zoom sessions will be set up bi-weekly for each mini group to meet (times will be determined as groups are formed).  Each mini group will have a dedicated private Facebook group for their videos, questions, and discussions. As a group member you will also get a half hour of one-on-one zoom time during the month with either Darrell or Michelle to help you as you see fit (with the option of adding more time at a discounted rate).  There are also plans to have all group meetings on special topics as needed.

We are offering these classes with month by month ($30), 6 months ($150), or year long ($300) options which will be billed through PayPal.

We feel this is a great mixture of group support and individualized support without the fear or anxiety that can come from the public setting.  Asking for help now is a lot different then it was 3 or 4 years ago when the public groups were smaller. 

For more info, questions, or to express your interest in joining one of our groups email us at